Woodland’s Tavern

Woodland’s is pretty much the longest running indie room in Columbus, Ohio.  They do shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have had a lot of major acts come through the room.  The room is separated from the bar so there isn’t a lot of bleed over from folks not interested in checking out the show (ideal in comedy rooms).  The room itself seats up to about 100 but has standing room for well over 200.  It is booked by Dylan Shelton, and he can be reached at Dylanhshelton@gmail.com


Note: Parking is kinda a pain as the bar is in the middle of the Grandview neighborhood.  You must park on the streets around the venue if you are not lucky enough to get one of their few parking spaces.

Matt Ward

Matt Ward is a comedian and producer of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and Scruffy City Comedy Festival.