Trae Crowder Liberal Redneck

2016 Scruffy City Comedy Festival Headliners

Baron Vaughn, Corey Forrester, Drew Morgan and Trae Crowder

We are very excited about our 2016 Scruffy City Comedy Festival Headliners! We also have this line-up for you a full month before we did last year!

Baron VaughnFriday November 4th
Baron Vaughn
An amazing comedian and actor, Baron Vaughn currently stars alongside Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda in the Netflix original series Grace and Frankie.  He also has been cast as the voice of Tom Servo in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot.  See an interview with Baron here>>
Scruffy City Hall
If you haven’t been to Scruffy City Hall, you are in for a real treat.  The building was purchased by the West’s who also own Preservation Pub, Market House Cafe and Uncorked Bar Books and Vinyl Bistro.  Scruffy City Hall, is a 150 seat performance venue that is perfect for comedy and live music


Saturday November 5th
Corey Forrestercoreyforrester
Corey has been writing and performing stand up comedy since the age of sixteen …before he could legally work in a
comedy club. His North Georgia roots have given him an affinity for Southern wit and storytelling. He may often wear a PBR hat, but don’t assume there is anything blue collar about him. Corey has thoughts on everything from race to religion, politics and gender. He loves women and cheese. All dairy, actually.
Corey, Trae Crowder and Drew Morgan Co-Authored the book The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark. Corey has been heard on Sirius XM radio and is part of Trae Crowder’s WellRed Comedy Tour. Get your single chance to see him live in East Tennessee on Saturday November 5th at Scruffy City Hall.
Festival Passes and Day Passes
We do not have single show tickets for the Scruffy City Comedy Festival. No worries, we have made the DAY PASS price what is typically being charged to see each of the headliners alone.  This means you can buy a pass for $20 on Friday and see Baron Vaughn and ANY of the other shows. Saturday it’s $20 to see Aparna Nancherla and ALL of the other shows. Sunday it is $15 to see Trae Crowder and ALL of the other shows!!  Also, if you want to see shows on each day, you can buy a FESTIVAL PASS for just $40!  That saves you $15.
trae crowderSunday November 6th
Trae Crowder
SKEEEEW!!!! Wow, what can we say about the “Liberal Redneck” that hasn’t already been shared a million times? Trae got his start doing stand-up right here in Knoxville and won the final Rocky Top Comedy Contest in 2014 (which was how he opened the first Scruffy City Comedy Festival). Now Trae’s videos have gone viral and he is selling out clubs and theatres all over the country.  Check out one of his recenty Liberal Redneck videos.
Also check out the comedy tour he has with East Tennessee’s own Drew Morgan and Corey Forrester from Northern Georgia.  These southern fellas are going to truly make the south RISE again by changing the way the country looks at southerners. NOTE: Trae’s performance at the Scruffy City Comedy Festival will include Corey Forrester, but not Drew Morgan. Therefore this is not a tour stop on the WellRed Comedy Tour. Click the logo below to see dates with all three comics.

Comedy at the Grove: Trae Crowder & Drew Morgan

Liberal Redneck performs at Oak Ridge's Grove Theatre 5/28/16

Comedy at the Grove is back with Knoxville’s favorite headliners- ONE NIGHT ONLY on Saturday, May 28th at 8:00 PM viral sensation Trae Crowder the “Liberal Redneck” will perform, along with Drew Whitney Morgan in from NYC, special guest Waylon Whiskey and Knoxville’s Nate Cate. DO NOT miss out on a great night of laughs! You must be 18 to enter and 21 to purchase and consume alcohol. Beverages will be available for purchase before the show and during intermission.

Trae Crowder
Trae Crowder is a Liberal Redneck originally from the small backcountry town of Celina, TN. He likes to think of his material as being southern-fried intellectual humor. So basically he says a lot of big words in a funny sounding accent and sometimes people like that.

Trae has performed all over the country and has participated in multiple comedy festivals. He was a principle cast member in a pilot produced for CMT by the Impractical Jokers, and he is currently a member of NBCUniversal’s Talent Infusion Program as both a comedian and a writer.

Drew Morgan
Drew Morgan is a stand-up comedian based in New York City who has been featured as part of the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and The Laughing Devil Comedy Festival where he was a semi-finalist. He was the Fall 2015 winner of the StandUp ShowDown at the Pit.

Hailing from rural East Tennessee, Drew is the quintessential son of a preacher man. He draws on his experiences as a small town kid who has lived in Africa, Australia, Miami, Boston, and New York City, weaving together intense stories with cutting observations on culture, religion, and identity. He has been a backpacker, a public defender, a husband, a wonderer and comedian, all in all remaining a confused southerner experiencing this thing we call existence.

Described as having the “alpha certainty of a football coach, (and) the fulminating zeal of a charismatic preacher,” his style is decidedly southern, extremely smart, and charmingly sarcastic.

Special Guest:
Waylon Whiskey

Nate Cate

Trae Crowder Liberal Redneck

Trae Crowder goes viral with Liberal Redneck

Trae Croder goes Viral with Liberal Redneck Videos

Trae Crowder is killing it with his new video series The Liberal Redneck. Those who are familiar with Trae’s comedy knows that these videos don’t stray far from his act on stage.

More about Trae:
trae crowder liberal redneckTrae Crowder
Trae Crowder is an Liberal Redneck from the small backcountry town of Celina, TN, which somehow manages to be both extraordinarily beautiful and soul-crushingly depressing at the same time. He first stepped on stage in November of 2010, and hasn’t looked back. He likes to think of his material as being southern-fried intellectual humor. So basically he says a lot of big words in a funny sounding accent and sometimes people like that.

Trae has performed all over the country and has participated in multiple comedy festivals. He is also a writer and was accepted into the 2015 NBCUniversal Late Night Writer’s Workshop, as well as having multiple scripts be finalists in national screenwriting contests. Trae is not opposted to acting either, and once filmed an upoptioned pilot for CMT (produced by the Impractical Jokers).

Contact Trae through his Facebook or Twitter