Comedy Venue Database Coming Together

2014_0814_VenueDatabaseOne of the things I have struggled with when it comes to comedy festivals charging a submission fee is where exactly the money goes.  Sure it costs a lot to produce a comedy festival.  Sure we would get a ton of shitty submissions from open-mic comics not yet ready to perform at a real festival if there WERE’NT a submission fee.  However, I still felt like comics that didn’t get in should get SOMETHING more than just a rejection email and maybe some feedback on how they might get in next time.

Over the course of the last few years I have met a LOT of great comics booking shows and become aware of more and more shows being booked all over the country.  This information proved to be more and more valuable as each time I would share some of it with other comics they were forever grateful.  So what I decided to do to was make a database that was better than any other comedy gig/venue database out there.  I am proud to say after months of working on it we have finally launched it and are beginning to compile gigs/venues all over the country right here on  All you have to do to gain access to the database is submit to the festival by becoming a member of this site.

So go ahead, even if you cannot make the festival, submit today to gain access to the fastest growing most comprehensive comedy venue database in the country.