Scruffy City Comedy Festival Check-In Procedure

In case you are not already aware, Festival Passes are no longer available. Also day passes for SUNDAY are also sold out. That means if you snoozed, your only chance to meet and see the amazing Trae Crowder will be if he is hanging out during his buddies Drew and Corey’s sets on Friday and Saturday nights.

We DO still have day passes for Friday and Saturday available HERE>>

I have purchased my tickets, now what?

Ok great, well this is the easy part. Beginning at 6pm you can check in at Scruffy City Hall. They will have a list of all ticket purchasers. Give them your name and they will give you the corresponding wristband that you then will show to the person at door inside to gain access to the showroom.

NOTE: YOU CANNOT CHECK IN AFTER THE HEADLINE SHOWS. This means no check-ins after 11pm on Friday night, no check-ins after 9:30pm on Saturday night.  You have from 6pm-11pm on Friday and 6pm-9:30pm on Saturday.


I want to purchase Day Passes for Friday or Saturday

Day Passes are $21 online if you are worried about them selling and want to get yours now (Note: It is wise to get them in advance but they will also be available Friday and Saturday beginning at 6pm at the door


I want to purchase day passes for Sunday!

Too late, Sunday’s Day Passes are sold out.

Where the hell do I park?

Market Square Garage (which fills up quickly on weekends) State Street Garage, Locust Street Garage (furthest away) or the Walnut Street Parking Garage located RIGHT NEXT to Market Square Garage.

are the closest garages to Market Square where all of our venues besides Saw Works are located.  Here is a link to more parking options

Where ARE all the venues??



Trae Crowder Liberal Redneck

2016 Scruffy City Comedy Festival Headliners

Baron Vaughn, Corey Forrester, Drew Morgan and Trae Crowder

We are very excited about our 2016 Scruffy City Comedy Festival Headliners! We also have this line-up for you a full month before we did last year!

Baron VaughnFriday November 4th
Baron Vaughn
An amazing comedian and actor, Baron Vaughn currently stars alongside Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda in the Netflix original series Grace and Frankie.  He also has been cast as the voice of Tom Servo in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot.  See an interview with Baron here>>
Scruffy City Hall
If you haven’t been to Scruffy City Hall, you are in for a real treat.  The building was purchased by the West’s who also own Preservation Pub, Market House Cafe and Uncorked Bar Books and Vinyl Bistro.  Scruffy City Hall, is a 150 seat performance venue that is perfect for comedy and live music


Saturday November 5th
Corey Forrestercoreyforrester
Corey has been writing and performing stand up comedy since the age of sixteen …before he could legally work in a
comedy club. His North Georgia roots have given him an affinity for Southern wit and storytelling. He may often wear a PBR hat, but don’t assume there is anything blue collar about him. Corey has thoughts on everything from race to religion, politics and gender. He loves women and cheese. All dairy, actually.
Corey, Trae Crowder and Drew Morgan Co-Authored the book The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark. Corey has been heard on Sirius XM radio and is part of Trae Crowder’s WellRed Comedy Tour. Get your single chance to see him live in East Tennessee on Saturday November 5th at Scruffy City Hall.
Festival Passes and Day Passes
We do not have single show tickets for the Scruffy City Comedy Festival. No worries, we have made the DAY PASS price what is typically being charged to see each of the headliners alone.  This means you can buy a pass for $20 on Friday and see Baron Vaughn and ANY of the other shows. Saturday it’s $20 to see Aparna Nancherla and ALL of the other shows. Sunday it is $15 to see Trae Crowder and ALL of the other shows!!  Also, if you want to see shows on each day, you can buy a FESTIVAL PASS for just $40!  That saves you $15.
trae crowderSunday November 6th
Trae Crowder
SKEEEEW!!!! Wow, what can we say about the “Liberal Redneck” that hasn’t already been shared a million times? Trae got his start doing stand-up right here in Knoxville and won the final Rocky Top Comedy Contest in 2014 (which was how he opened the first Scruffy City Comedy Festival). Now Trae’s videos have gone viral and he is selling out clubs and theatres all over the country.  Check out one of his recenty Liberal Redneck videos.
Also check out the comedy tour he has with East Tennessee’s own Drew Morgan and Corey Forrester from Northern Georgia.  These southern fellas are going to truly make the south RISE again by changing the way the country looks at southerners. NOTE: Trae’s performance at the Scruffy City Comedy Festival will include Corey Forrester, but not Drew Morgan. Therefore this is not a tour stop on the WellRed Comedy Tour. Click the logo below to see dates with all three comics.

Want to know who is headlining the 2016 Scruffy City Comedy Festival?

Do you want to know who will be headlining the 2016 Scruffy City Comedy Festival?

The 2016 Scruffy City Comedy Festival is Friday November 4th through Sunday November 6th, 2016. The festival will be held at Scruffy City Hall and associated venues all in the Market Square District of Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. This is the 3rd annual festival. Last year we had headliners Andy Sandford, Jackie Kashian, Shane Mauss and Mia Jackson. This year we have another spectacular line-up of headliners as well.

Once again the festival will take place on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The reason for this is we want working folks that do the 9-5 thing to be able to enjoy some great headliners, but we also want our service industry people (who often don’t work on Sundays) to be able to enjoy the festival as well!

The headliners will be performing each night at Scruffy City Hall. We will also have a few dozen amazing performers form all over the country performing showcases throughout the weekend at nearby venues AND at Scruffy City Hall as well.

If you are interested in being the first folks to hear the line-up of headliners for our festival, simply sign up for our notification e-mail list and we will send you the list of headliners on August 10th at 9am.  This is a full 5 days before the announcement will be made on our web site or social media accounts!

Sign up HERE>>

Day 2 Scruffy City Comedy Festival Highlights

Blue Umbrella Tour
Matt Chadourne Kicks off the Blue Umbrella Tour

The Blue Umbrella Tour

Just as the sun went down, the Blue Umbrella Tour kicked in. This was a walking tour of Downtown Knoxville where comedians told an improvised ghost story about the various structures and places they passes on the tour.

Jackie Kashian
Jackie Kashian performing to packed house at Scruffy City Hall

Jackie Kashian headlined Scruffy City Hall at 8pm

Jackie Kashian really had a great turnout of fans for her performance last night at Scruffy City Hall. The crowd went with her no matter where she went. My favorite quote from the evening “My husband and I decided not to have kids, but instead to go to Paris.. Because.. Well, We are still going to Paris, fuck those guys.” The crowd erupted and we couldn’t have been luckier to have her at our festival.

Einstein Sinplified
Einstein Simplified closing out Saturday Night of the Festival at Scruffy City Hall

Improv Blow-out Closes out Saturday Night at Scruffy City Hall

Saturday night saw the combination of the improv talents of Full Disclosure and Einstein Simplified.  This combination of talents produced an amazing show with a great crowd.

Laughs Uncorked
Grady Ray making them laugh at Laughs Uncorked inside Knoxville Uncorked

Scruffy City Comedy Festival Day 1 Highlights

#SCCF2015 Day 1 a Success!

The first day/night of the Scruffy City Comedy Festival went off without a hitch. Michael Shibley did the honors of kicking off the first show of the festival at the Speakeasy on the 2nd Floor of Preservation Pub. The crowd there was rowdy and loud, but the moment Shibley took the microphone the room turned and paid attention.

Michael Shibley opens #SCCF2015
Michael Shibley opens #SCCF2015

Not long after that the 8pm Scruffy City Hall began. At this point people were filing in to Market Square in an increasingly rapid clip. Our LIVE STREAM of the event began with a slight delay at about 8:20pm and continued throughout the evening.  Andy Sandford took the stage around 8:45pm and by this time Scruffy City Hall close to filled up.

Chris Trew starting out Air Sex at SCCF2015
Chris Trew starting out Air Sex at SCCF2015

Air Sex was a big success with crowds doubled over in laughter during curator Chris Trew’s opening set alone. Some were ready for what they were about to see, but none new what Dustin Meadows was going to bring to the stage taking home the prize with a very unique simulation of cunnilingus.

Ian Aber is Cat Sexy
Ian Aber is Cat Sexy

This morning (Saturday November 14th) we have a free live comedy podcast and cereal event at The Pilot Light that runs until 4pm or so. Check that out, then check out Chris Trew’s Improv Workshop at 3:30pm and the first show at The Speakeasy at Preservation Pub beginning at 7pm.

Podcast Brunch during Scruffy City Comedy Festival

Live Comedy Podcasts Recordings with FREE Cereal at Pilot Light

This is another great opportunity to checkout some comedy for FREE!  Scruffy City Comedy Festival Performers will be podcasting all morning and into the afternoon.  Saturday is chocked full of comedy goodness!  Directly after Chris Trew finishes Trew to the game he will go down to Scruffy City Hall to prepare for his Improv Comedy Workshop that is scheduled for 3:30pm. Directly after his podcast the Blue Umbrella Tours begin in Market Square.  Look for the person holding the Blue Umbrella and follow along with them on an improvised ghost tour of Downtown Knoxville.

Come down to The Pilot Light for a day of fun as part of the Scruffy City Comedy Festival. We will be having live podcast recordings from some great comedians in town for the festival, doors open at 9:30am and the shows start at 10am. You can skip breakfast too because we’ll have a huge selection of FREE CEREAL for you to choose from.
The schedule for the day is:

10:00am – A screening of a [Burt Reynolds] movie.
11:30am – “How Have You Not Seen This?” podcast with Dustin Meadows and special guests discussing the movie we all just watched.
12:30pm – “Trew 2 the Game” podcast with Chris Trew and special guests
1:30pm – A screening of an episode of the “Golden Girls”
2:00pm – “Thank You for Being a Podcast” with Genevieve Rice and Anthony Desamito and special guests
3:00pm – “Podcast! Podcast! Podcast!” with Scott Eason and guests.
4:00pm – “Please Be My Friend” podcast with Hunter Roberts and special guests.

See you there!

Full Disclosure Improv Comedy Tonight 11/11 at Open Chord

11737844_905612922808145_4428461618774203900_n (1)Full Disclosure has just come on the scene in the last year bringing their long-form inform style to Knoxville. The troupe consists of members Keri Koczen, Kristen Ballard, Billy Kyle Roach, Travis Donahoo, Mark Jennings, Malorie Cunnigham and Rollin Prince.

Full Disclosure has a monthly FREE show at Open Chord State in West Knoxville. Here is the groups bio. Here is the show info

Full Disclosure
Open Chord
8502 Kingston Pike,
Knoxville, TN 37919

w/ guest Matt Chadourne

Full Disclosure Comedy is a long-form improv & sketch comedy group self-taught on the UCB Comedy Improvisation Manual and “Truth in Comedy” by Charna Halpern. Before each practice and performance, we share our “full disclosure moments” and let everyone inside our heads.

Full Disclosure Comedy was formed in Fall 2014. Kerri Koczen and Rollin Prince threw around the idea of studying long-form improv while working together on show about sex trafficking in Knoxville, Tennessee. Shortly after that discussion, Koczen met Malorie Cunningham at a party in New York City. The two discussed their love for improv before realizing that Cunningham was moving to Knoxville. After the three began to create a comedy troupe, along with Mark Jennings and Billy Kyle Roach, they spent close to nine months studying techniques before their first performance. They continue those studies twice a week. Kristen Ballard and Travis Donahoo joined the group in March and help make up the improv team you see on stage today.

Besides monthly performances at Open Chord Music, FDC is apart of Scruffy’s Cinepub each month, a sort of “Mystery Science Theater 3000”. Full Disclosure has also been apart of the Third Coast Improv Festival and now the Scruffy City Comedy Festival!

Full Disclosure Improv Comedy Troupe “Full House Disclosure”

Einstein Simplified TONIGHT 11/10 w/ Jay Kendrick

Tonight is the final Einstein Simplified performance before the Scruffy City Comedy Festival.  They will be joined this evening by stand-up comic Jay Kendrick.  The show begins at 8pm at Scruffy City Hall and is free to attends, although tipping is encouraged!

Einstein Simplified is a big part of why the Scruffy City Comedy Festival happens.  In 2010, Scruffy City Comedy Festival producer I began producing shows in Knoxville for the first time.  I chose Patrick Sullivan’s, as it was the location at the time where Einstein Simplified did their weekly improv show.  I felt that if they peformed there, it was where I wanted to be.  Years later, both my shows and those weekly shows from Einstein Simplified have crossed venues paths multiple times.

Last year when we had our comedy festival Einstein Simplified was very supportive of it and even agreed to perform in a less than desirable time slot at 7pm on Saturday.  We appreciate the impact Einstein has had on this comedy community and this year are excited to see them take center stage at 9:45pm at Scruffy City Hall on Saturday Night.


Service Industry Sunday Comedy with Shane Mauss

Scruffy Comedy Festival Service Industry Sunday Just One Week Away!

#SCCF2015 Service Industry Sunday Comedy

One thing we talked about when planning the 2015 Scruffy City Comedy Festivals was having some shows that service industry folks could attend.  Sunday November 15th is Service Industry Sunday at the Scruffy City Comedy Festival. Most in the service industry have to work on Friday and Saturday nights, making Sunday a (Friday night out) of sorts for them.  So we decided to book TWO big headliners for Sunday for this year’s festival. On Sunday November 15th at 8pm, Atlanta’s Mia Jackson will be headlining Scruffy City Hall at 8pm.  At 10pm, Shane Mauss will be performing his hour comedy show about psychedelic drugs called “This is your Shane on Drugs“.

The 2nd Annual Scruffy City Comedy Festival takes place from Friday November 13th until Sunday November 15th in the Market Square District of Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.  There are 16 shows in those venues over the course of the three-day event. Over 30 out of town comedians and 20+ locals will be performing over the course of the festival.


We are excited to have a little something for everyone this year for our festival.  We also are happy to be able to do this affordably and with schedule flexibility.  For those of you that say “When are you guys doing a comedy show on the weekend?”. Well, this coming weekend is the pinnacle, so don’t miss it.  It only happens once a year!

Stay tuned for a very very special announcement via our twitter account @scruffycomedy that will allow you to see three BIG shows for FREE!!! We will annouce this at 6pm on Friday!

Also, there are new parking garages in Downtown Knoxville, so parking is FREE and readily available.  See the parking map for the city HERE>>. Also, we have some great events scheduled for earlier in the day on the Saturday if you don’t care about the Tennessee Football game, check those events out HERE>>.

Service Industry Sunday Comedy with Mia Jackson