ScruffyCityComedy.com is many different things all wrapped up into one website.  First, we are the homepage of an awesome comedy festival held each fall in Knoxville, Tennessee called the Scruffy City Comedy Festival.

Secondly, we are an events website that covers all live comedy happening in ALL of East Tennessee.

Finally, we are a resource for comedians all over the country providing helpful articles about comedy business and promoting as well as a database of comedy venues all over the country.

This site is maintained by a collective of comedians that produce and perform comedy at theatres, bars and nightclubs all over Knoxville.  While we don’t have a show every weekend, we have something going on almost every night of the week. See out Comedy Calendar for specific show info.

What we are NOT.  We are not a full-time comedy club.  If you call us (865-226-9113), it rings to a mobile phone wherever Scruffy City Comedy Founder Matt Ward happens to be.  The comedy club in Knoxville closed it’s doors permanently in October of 2014 (read more about that here). While we do not have a permanent physical location it doesn’t stop us from putting on great comedy shows every week in and around Knoxville.