Trae Crowder Liberal Redneck

Trae Crowder goes viral with Liberal Redneck

Trae Croder goes Viral with Liberal Redneck Videos

Trae Crowder is killing it with his new video series The Liberal Redneck. Those who are familiar with Trae’s comedy knows that these videos don’t stray far from his act on stage.

More about Trae:
trae crowder liberal redneckTrae Crowder
Trae Crowder is an Liberal Redneck from the small backcountry town of Celina, TN, which somehow manages to be both extraordinarily beautiful and soul-crushingly depressing at the same time. He first stepped on stage in November of 2010, and hasn’t looked back. He likes to think of his material as being southern-fried intellectual humor. So basically he says a lot of big words in a funny sounding accent and sometimes people like that.

Trae has performed all over the country and has participated in multiple comedy festivals. He is also a writer and was accepted into the 2015 NBCUniversal Late Night Writer’s Workshop, as well as having multiple scripts be finalists in national screenwriting contests. Trae is not opposted to acting either, and once filmed an upoptioned pilot for CMT (produced by the Impractical Jokers).

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Matt Ward is a comedian and producer of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and Scruffy City Comedy Festival.