MURDER! Saying Goodbye to Angela Garrone and Ian Ferguson and much much more

The crime is MURDER and the victim will be your brain cells. Prepare to have your liver rocked and your mind blown! Angela Garrone and Ian Ferguson are moving away and it might be your last chance to see them perform for awhile. As a special treat Cliff Andrews is coming down from Johnson City.

A group of local comedians that have been labeled too raw, 2 X-treme, or too female to be a part of Knoxville’s Mainstream Alternative Comedy will be performing. These Alternative Alternative comics will be pulling out all the stops to make sure you have a memorable evening filled with fun, laughter, and surprises.

I promise they will be fun surprises and not me walking around shouting “Surprise!” and throwing bottle rockets at people.

The show starts at 8:37 PM and we’re going to try to have things over by 11 PM or shortly after, because we know people hate Wednesdays. Bring five dollars or your invitation or be prepared to flirt with the doorman to get in.

About the Evenings Performers:
Angela Garrone: Angela Garrone is a slick big city lawyer. She works to keep us safe from Black Lung and Monday Fever. Kings of the Coal Industry have nasty nicknames for her. They shout her name in laments aimed towards a regal and indifferent sky.

Ian Ferguson: Ian Ferguson convinced a lady to punch another lady at a party once. I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Liz Brooks: Liz Brooks makes sculptures out of old pizza crusts. Her pizza crust bust of Charles W. Fairbanks is on display in the Cincinnati Museum of Vice Presidents and Toilet Flush Handles.

Cliff Andrews: Cliff Andrews lives in Johnson City, but he’s spent enough time in Madisonville to know that the Lost Sea is mostly just a boring pond in a cave with some sterile fish in it. The Flea Market…that’s where the real action is!

Larissa Radtke: Larissa has had four different names in the time I’ve known her. I’m almost certain she is a spy sent from the future to steal my recipe for making an “Everything in the Fridge Burrito”. The secret is having at least six kinds of things, but don’t trust her with that information.

Daniel Wade: Daniel Wade is a man with no past. I heard he once ate an entire cow. Not in one sitting of course. That would be ridiculous.

Ashton Binkley: Ashton Binkley has a Sheryl Crow lyric for every occasion. Her idea of a perfect sandwich is one with a fancy good sauce and really nice melted cheese, veggies and maybe meat should be there…but they are not as important.

Lance Adams: I assure you Lance Adams is a person. His facial hair currently has a three picture deal with Universal. He seems like the kind of man that could explain how a carburetor works.

Todd Lewis: Todd Lewis is a mentally ill person who really likes planes. His favorites are the A-4 Skyhawk and the SU-27 Sukhoi. He is often accused of not taking joking seriously.

Will Fist (As The Spirit of Comedy): Will Fist’s idea of a Super Food is Memphis style barbecue on Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza. He has a mouth you can’t argue with.

Jeff Danger: Jeff Danger might stop by; riding in atop majestic steed or he might be atop tennis shoes. Also, he might have to work. Making Krystal burgers for all of the drunk people. God bless him and the important work he does.

The Barfly Gallery Players: The Barfly Gallery Players are a group of people Todd Lewis was able to weasel into doing various short bits and things during the show. This group will vary depending on how drunk the people were when they agreed to participate and whether they remember it or not. Also, please inquire within if interested.

Matt Ward

Matt Ward is a comedian and producer of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and Scruffy City Comedy Festival.