2015 Scruffy City Comedy Festival Audience Grows, Sexiness Remains

Scruffy City Comedy Festival a Success Once Again!

The 2nd Annual Scruffy City Comedy Festival was a success in the eyes of all whom attended, performed or staffed the events.  We saw nearly 400 comedy fans over the course of our three day event.

Some Big Successes

Dustin Meadows wins Air Sex
Dustin Meadows wins Air Sex

Air Sex
Holy shit, this show went over so much better than expected. I KNEW it was funny, but I wasn’t sure if the crowd would turn out for it as they might be pre-gaming and getting drunk elsewhere for the next afternoons University of Tennessee Football game.  Nope, not an issue.  Chris Trew opened the show to a growing crowd that eventually filled most of the seats in Scruffy City Hall.  His opening routine had people in the room doubled-over with laughter.

Jackie Kashian
We intentionally put the empress of dorkdom on the main stage on Saturday night after the home football game because we knew she wouldn’t draw from that demo.  Jackie came in and performed an amazingly funny set to the largest crowd we have ever had for a comedy show at Scruffy City Hall.

Sunday Nights Shows
I personally began sweating bullets at about 7pm when the crowd seemed to be very light for the Sunday evening shows.  Little did I know, folks had been reading the schedules and were coming to see specific acts, so they all showed up about 15 minutes before showtime.  The biggest success here is that while Mia Jackson’s crowd was sizable, they stayed and even grew slightly for the Shane Mauss 10pm show.  We had an audience watching the final show of our festival at 11:45pm on a SUNDAY NIGHT.  This is what I was personally told would never work in Knoxville. A Sunday night show.  Glad to prove some folks wrong on that one.

Matt Ward

Matt Ward is a comedian and producer of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and Scruffy City Comedy Festival.