Roasts of Superman and Tim Burton Announced for 2014 Scruffy City Comedy Festival

The Scruffy City Comedy Festival is excited to announce two character roasts to be part of our 2014 event.  Our festival lines up with the Fanboy Expo which brings thousands of sci-fi, fantasy, comic book and various fans to town that same weekend.  This being the case we felt it extremely appropriate to do a Roast each night featuring some figures from that world.

History of Knoxville Character Roasts

The Knoxville Comedy Scene began doing Roasts of characters in November of 2012 with the Roast of Adolf Hitler.  This was when we still didn’t have a solid venue for shows so we did the roast in the Morningside Community Center just East of Downtown Knoxville.  After that our next roast was the Roast of Santa Claus (Video) in December 2012 at The Pilot Light. This become our home for the roasts. The shows became quite popular so we have now done roasts of Batman, Darth Vadar, Harry Potter, Hulk Hogan, and Axl Rose (September 2014).

Now for our Scruffy City Comedy Festival we have decided to do two roasts, one on Friday and one on Saturday.  We are going to Roast Tim Burton and Superman.   Superman was an obvious choice with the fury surrounding the Batman vs. Superman film that is coming to theaters soon.  Tim Burton was a great choice because he opens us up to great films from the 80’s/90’s like Edward Scissorhands, Pee-Wee’s Big adventure and many more.

Comics Accepted to the 2014 Scruffy City Comedy Festival will get the chance to portray characters in each roast.  We feel these shows are some of the funnest we do and are excited to add comics from all over the country to the Dais each night during the festival!

Matt Ward

Matt Ward is a comedian and producer of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival and Scruffy City Comedy Festival.