Watch the Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge

The Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge

Watch the Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge

The Scruffy City Comedy Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge was our best roast yet according to the fans that come out and watch these comedic spectacles. Big thanks to all that helped put it together, especially Sam Donnelly and Patrick Pope for taking the time and energy to capture, edit and upload the ENTIRE roast.  No one does that! You guys ROCK!  So if you missed this roast, you really shouldn’t miss another.  If you like what you see here, you will LOVE experiencing it live!


Special Holiday Show! The Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge this Saturday!

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor. Even for a man as vile and selfish as Ebenezer Scrooge. And it was always said of him, that he knew how to take a joke, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. Which, on this occasion, is quite fair and good. As Mr. Scrooge will be paid a visit by some very angry pranksters ready to soil his name like the kerchief in his pocket.

The Scruffy City Comedy Roast Series features various comedians from the Knoxville area portraying characters all Roasting a central character. On this evening, in honor of the holidays, that person is Ebenezer Scrooge.

The Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge stars: Shane Rhyne, Jeff Blank, Evan Brooks, James Holidiness, Liz Brooks, Jay Kendrick, Gail Grantham, Jake James, Victor Agreda Jr., Tyler Sonnichsen, Augusta Anderson, Lance Adams, and Sean Simoneau. A full cast to help you get your yuletide on.

This show is unlike any comedy show you have seen in Knoxville before. Set designs, costumes, theatrics and more!  Cover goes to cover the expense of the show, just like real theatre!

The Roast of Scrooge
Saturday December 13th 8pm Doors 9pm Showtime
The Pilot Light
106 E. Jackson Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37915
Tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door


Photo by Michael Sing

Comedy Festival Guide: Bridgetown, Cromfest, Green Gravel, SLO and Cape Fear Comedy Festivals Now Accepting Submissions

Last year a whole lot of festivals were right on top of each other in the months of April and May.  The weekend of May 8th-11th consisted of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, The Cape Fear Comedy Festival and the Women in Comedy Festival.  This year all three festivals are on different weekends.  This is a great relief to those that love all three festivals and wish to submit with the chance to perform at all three.  Unfortunately, submissions have already ended for the Women in Comedy Festival.  However, both Cape Fear and Bridgetown are accepting submissions along with a few other awesome fests.  Check it out!

Submissions being accepted for Bridgetown until Feb 1st

Submissions being accepted for Bridgetown until Feb 1st

Bridgetown Comedy Festival May 7th-10th, 2015: Portland, Oregon
This one has been going on for the longest of the ones currently taking submissions. Bridgetown was created by comedians Andy Wood and Matt Braunger. The festival first took place in the Hawthorne neighborhood of Portland, Oregon in 2008.  Entering it’s 8th year Bridgetown has become one of the top comedy festivals in the country.

Submissions are being accepted now here>>

Bridgetown Deadlines:
$20 until January 11th, 2015 $25 until submissions close February 1st, 2015.

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Submissions $15 until Dec 15th, $20 after that.

Submissions $15 until Dec 15th, $20 after that.

Cromfest East May 21st-24th Omaha, NE West May 28th-30th Denver, CO
What the hell is a Cromfest?  Well, it’s a tribute to Conan the Barbarian, we believe, but more than that, a unique comedy festival run by comedians that has generated one hell of a buzz.

Cromfest is held in Omaha, Nebraska and is put on by the comedy collective OK Party Comedy. Last year the line-up included Kyle Kinane, Ben Kronberg, Brooks Wheelan, Women, The Grawlix, Rory Scovel, Power Violence and the Puterburgh Sisters. This is the third year for the festival. This year the festival has expanded with Cromfest West happening in Denver, Colorado following one of it’s co-founders Ian Douglas Terry.

Submissions are being accepted now here>>

Deadline: We did not find a deadline for submissions for Cromfest on their web site.

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Submissions are open now for the Cape Fear Comedy Festival

Submissions are open now for the Cape Fear Comedy Festival

The Cape Fear Comedy Festival April 29th-May 2nd, 2015: Wilmington, North Carolina
This one is our sister festival in Wilmington, North Carolina produced by myself, Matt Ward and Dead Crow Comedy Room owner Timmy Sherrill.  2015 will be the festival’s 5th year.  The Cape Fear Comedy Festival accepts submissions from stand-up, improve and sketch comedy troupes.  The fee is $25 for each individual stand-up,  sketch or improv comedy troupe.

Past headliners of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival include Maria Bamford, Tig Notaro, Sean Patton, The Grawlix, Joe Zimmerman and Ryan Singer.

Submissions are being accepted now here>>

Deadline: February 15th, 2015 at Midnight

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Deadline January 5th at Midnight

Deadline January 5th at Midnight

Green Gravel Comedy Festival Feb. 27-28, 2015 Iowa City, IA
Green Gravel is dedicated to it’s local comedy community in Iowa allowing comics from within the state to submit for just $15 whereas comics from elsewhere will pay $25 to submit. In addition to submissions for stand-up comics, the festival accepts submissions from Podcasts $20 and Sketch and Improv Troupes ($30).

Submissions are being accepted now here>>

Deadlines:  January 5th, 2015 at Midnight

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2014_1203_Festivals_SLOSLO Comedy Festival: Feb. 26th-March 1st, 2015 San Luis Ibispo, California
This festival is in it’s 5th year and is also comedian run.  SLO is a beautiful town located half-way between L.A. and San Francisco. The HUGE advantage of SLO Comedy Festival is that the producers provide free hotels, food and drinks.  NO other comedy festival does this for it’s participants. The price is a little higher for the submission then the other comedy festivals, but this makes total sense considering what they are offering.

Submissions are being accepted now here>>

Deadlines: Dec. 1st – Dec. 31st, 2014 $50  January 1st-4th $75

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-Matt Ward

Your home for experimental comedy since right now.

QED Comedy Lab: Never the same comedy twiced

I will have you know I intentionally wrote ‘twiced’ in this headline.  For two reasons, really.  First, one-letter click bait.  You can’t wait to comment to tell me I had a typo you grammar nazi.  Perfect, that is the kind of mind we need for an audience at the QED Comedy Lab shows every Monday at Pilot Light.  Don’t have any money?  It’s cool, it can be free if you want it to.  Just walk in all confident like you are  performer and it will be free.  Be warned, if you lose confidence right before you walk in, they will be able to tell and then, still not make you pay.  Have plenty of money?  Then tuck it in the box in the front of the room. Oh, yeah, and secondly, people in parts of East Tennessee actually say ‘twiced’ like it isn’t incorrect.  Like in regular speech.  IT’S SO HARD TO HEAR OUT LOUD!!!

Oh, and here is the official description from show creator, Matt Chadourne.

Todd Lewis performs at QED Comedy Lab in September of 2014

Todd Lewis performs at QED Comedy Lab in September of 2014

QED Comedy Laboratory

“Q.E.D. is an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum…meaning ‘which had to be demonstrated’.” – Wikipedia

QED is a regular, experimental comedy show on Monday nights at the Pilot Light. The goal of this night is to provide a venue for one-off or rotating themed show ideas that explore new outlets for comedy. This is an opportunity for Stand-Ups, Improvisers, Sketch Performers, Writers, Actors, Musicians, and others to work together, get out of their comfort zones and demonstrate that they’re funny.

Julia Prescott

Julia Prescott is in Knoxville tonight at Latitude 35, mainly because she is going to Dollywood

Los Angeles native, stand-Up comedian and comedy writer Julia Prescott(VICE Magazine, The Aquabats Super Show, MAD on the Cartoon Network) is touring around the country on her “I Just Really Wanted to Go To Dollywood” tour (a semi-self-indulgent comedy tour). Catch her tonight at Latitude 35. (Get Tickets Here) or pay at the door.  $5/$7

Julia PrescottShe hosts a regular show at the Nerdmelt Theater in LA and is fresh off amazing appearances at the FUN FUN FUN Comedy Fest and the HELL YEAH Comedy Festival on her way here. She has come all the way to Knoxville with the goal of, not only, crossing off a long-cherished item from her bucket list by visiting our regional treasure Dollywood, but also with the goal of making you laugh. Won’t you please help her make her dreams come true?

Backing her up on this show is a quartet of amazingly talented comics from around the region:
Angela Angela Garrone (Knoxville)
Allie Steinhoff (Asheville)
Jessica Crowder (Knoxville)
And the evening will be host by Ashley French (Chatanooga)

Tickets are $5 in advance/ $7 at the door.

Kenny Zimlinghaus

Sirius XM Comedian Kenny Zimlinghaus on the Comedy Cruise Tonight!

Kenny Zimlinghaus is coming back for a special Comedy Cruise on the newly renovated Star of Knoxville Riverboat.  The last time Kenny was in town he put nearly 100 people in The Well and it was a fantastic show.  This time around he is hopping aboard the Star of Knoxville Riverboat to tell some jokes along with local comics Matt Ward and Trae Crowder.  Tickets are still available online for $17, or they can be purchased for $20 at the dock beginning at 9:30pm.  For more info on the show, click the show details in the right hand column of this page.


Scruffy City Comedy Festival A Success!

Our first Scruffy City Comedy Festival was a HUGE success.  Tons of comedy fans and over 50 comics participated as well as five venues over the course of three days to really make something magical happen in Downtown Knoxville.

Thanks to: Shane Rhyne, Erin Donovan at Visit Knoxville, Adam and Johnny at Saw Works Brewing Company, Crowne Plaza, Scott and Bernadette from Scruffy City Hall/Preservation Pub, Cullen from Scruffy City Hall/Pres Pub, Barry Garner from Latitude 35, Kristy and Taz at the Jack Cellar, Jason and staff at The Pilot Light, Remedy Coffee, Regene, Mike and of course Miss Jackie at the Star of Knoxville Riverboat, Thomas Hensley at Cook Loft, Tony Farina and Benny Smith at WUTK Radio, Rusty at Blank Newspaper, Chris Seaton at Quest Law Collaborative, Lee Ann Bowman and staff at WBIR, JD Howard aka Octavius from WIMZ, Thanks to Gail Grantham, Debby Johnson, Jake James, Jeff Blank, Tyler Sonnichsen, Matt Chadourne, Victor Agreda Jr., Zac Fallon, Lil Iffy, Reformed Whores, Tim Northern, Jarrod Harris, Einstein Simplified, Jennifer Ward, Grady Ray, Eliot Rahal, Michael Dougherty, Augusta Anderson, Jay Kendrick, Ian Ferguson, Drew Morgan, Trae Crowder, Alex Stokes, Alex Stypula, Andrew Michael, Angela Garrone, Bob Hansen, Boston McCown, Bryan Cook, Chase Dyer, Chris Mata, Devon Gollinge, Joe Pettis, John-Michael Bond, Paige Bowman, Dougie Almeida, Dustin Meadows, Liz Brooks, Evan Brooks, Holly Lynnea, Hunter Roberts, Josh Di Donato, Kayla Avery, KC Arora, Mo Arora, Michael Shibley, Mike Berlon, Lydia Popovich, Shannon Kelley, Tom Scheve, Trevor Thorpe, Zach Martina, and everyone else we may have neglected to list that helped with the festival!  Without you we are nothing!

We are already beginning to plan for our 2015 event.  Thank you all for supporting Live Comedy in Knoxville!

ES Troupe Full Size reduced dpi

Einstein Simplified at Scruffy City Hall beginning at 7pm

Einstein Simplified is performing for FREE at Scruffy City Hall tonight at 7pm to kick of the main action in Market Square.  Einstein Simplified is one of the original comedy troupes in Knoxville dating back since 1902.  Ok, that’s not true, but they have been doing Improv in Knoxville for the better part of two decades. The reason we use Patrick Sullivan’s in our logo is related to Einstein Simplified.  When I began producing comedy shows in Knoxville I produced them at Patrick Sullivan’s in the same room Einstein had been doing their weekly Tuesday show for over 10 years.

Come give the guys a hug and throw out a suggestion and thank them for being an integral part of our comedy community.


#SCCF2014 Saturday kicks of early with Podcasts at the Pilot Light

Getting the day started very early with a private showing of an unnamed movie.  Private?  Not really, you are invited, it’s free, along with a slew of other podcasts all being recorded in front of real live folks today at the Pilot Light in the Old City beginning at 10am.  Don’t miss it! Here is today’s podcast schedule, all recording are at the Pilot Light.

10AM How Have You Not Seen This?

1pm Einstein Simplified Podcast

2pm Laugh-o-matic Podcast

3pm My Stories Podcast

Reformed Whores at Scruffy City Hall

Amazing Friday Night at the Scruffy City Comedy Festival